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. Innovate and evolve our existing brass handles, Faucet and ceramic tiles on the market to improve the final finish to a piece of furniture and interiors.

· Ensure the excitement and satisfaction of manufacturers, interior designers and the general public with their new furniture and interiors and the added extra to design and use that our products may well bring.

· To take care of all the factors which may have a bearing on the creation of brass handles, Faucet and ceramic tiles as it’s the small details that provide happiness.



·Design well and differently, manufacture with the best quality in mind and offer a good sales and distribution service so that our products reach as far as possible.

·To make a pledge with all parties interested in our products, understanding their expectations so that we can meet all those requirements that may be needed.



·To treat our clients in a friendly and professional manner, meeting all those requirements agreed upon.

·To be clear, transparent and create a climate of trust with the people who work for and with us, establishing lasting, professional relationships.

·To be respectful to our surroundings, to society in general and to the environment, meeting our obligations, generating a positive social impact and minimizing our impact on the environment due to our activity.

·To promote and encourage a spirit of continual improvement in all aspects to ensure our company is sustainable and viable in the future.

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